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Limited Edition Activated Charcoal Lemon Eucalyptus Solid Dish Soap NOW AVAILABLE.

Our Belief

here at RollingMoss Creations is to create products for a more sustainable future. Our ingredients are Canadian sourced, local first and produced in small batches to guarantee fresh, unique, and quality products.

We ship using only easily recyclable + reusable packaging.

The home of the original Kootenay made Solid Dish Soap.


RollingMoss's Creations

Wool Dryer Balls.

Handcrafted from sustainable roving to help reduce drying time, make your favorite article of clothing + sheets soft without the use of any harmful chemicals.

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Solid Dish Soap.

Will leave your dishes clean and free of grime without the use of singe use plastics or chemicals. 100% natural choice.

Vegan. Cruelty free. Septic safe. Organic.

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Layers of plant based materials that are tough for all types of cleaning projects. Long lasting + biodegradable.

Great way to replace plastic sponges!

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Customer Reviews


Jo Law / Owner of Tasty Times Vegan Eatery

Yay!! I love mine so much - solid dish soap

Kelly Shuttleworth / owner of Kitch Witch Bath & Body Alchemy

I've tried different alternatives to dryer sheets, they have always been a disappointment. Dryer sheets are expensive and filled with toxins. These wool dryer balls are the best thing to happen to laundry!!! I've cut drying time for clothes by half! I've even been able to dry my Duvet ( never happens I have to hang dry) in 35mins! Saves money and doesn't add an extra toxic load on your body!! Why Wouldn't you buy these?! - wool dryer balls

Julie from Sylvan Lake Alberta, Canada.

Are you looking for a laundry soap that is amazing? Say no more! This is the best laundry soap you will every purchase. I've used almost every kind of big box store laundry soap, and I have never had my laundry smell, look and feel so clean! I no longer need to use fabric softener and girl I never thought I'd stop! RollingMoss you have gained me as a permanent client! My only question now is lemon or lavender?

Hanna James