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Colourful Wool Dryer Balls

Colourful Wool Dryer Balls

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 ~ Exciting News ~
 Our 100% wool dryer balls are currently under construction. New  + Exciting colors available soon.

RollingMoss Creations wool dryer balls are handcrafted from 100% pure wool roving + love. Simple investment for a greener laundry routine.

Wool dryer balls are amazing for many different reasons:

  • reduces drying time by 30-40%
  • help reduce static cling & wrinkles
  • naturally make your laundry soft & fluffy
  • life span of around 1,000 dries (4-6years)
  • no chemicals. no plastics. completely compostable.

RollingMoss Creations dryer balls:

  • Sold In Sets of Three (3)
  • measured 40 grams of roving for every individual dryer ball
  • wet & dry felted for long lasting durability
  • made from happy pasture fed sheep
  • color safe (will not run) ecologically-safe colorants
  • washed with biodegradable environmentally friendly detergent

Color choices will change from time to time. If you choose random - you will end up with random color for your dryers ball set.